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The Positive Productions Blog

Hello and welcome to the Positive Productions Blog!

We’re really excited to have this up and running now and we’ll be using this to keep you updated with all the new oils, recipes and videos we update with! We appreciate that our essential oil guide needs to slightly filled in! First on the  list will be be rose and tea tree.

This website was designed after realising how various complementary therapies seem to be grouped together instead of being offered in their own right. For example aromatherapy and reflexology, or massage and aromatherapy. You often hear about NLP and hypnotherapy, but how often have you seen aromatherapy and NLP on the same website? Only on Positive Productions! As more and more people take responsibility for their health and begin to understand how looking after yourself has to include a more holistic approach Complementary Healthcare will finally come into its own right.

This website really has turned into a family affair, and credit for this piccomplementary health welcome

has to go to 13 year old teenage daughter. We had a competition and she won!. Well done! Looking forward to those lemon and orange pictures due soon!

We’re also hoping to having a few guest blog posts soon, so keep your fingers crossed, remember to bookmark us, and check back regularly for new content.

We are glad you decided to join us for the journey!

The Positive Productions Blog


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