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Essential Oil Rose – (Rose Otto)

Essential Oil Rose – Rose Otto

essential oil rose

Essential oil Rose is considered the queen of essential oils due to its ability to help balance female hormones and soothe emotions.Its colour and smell depends on which rose is used to make the oil. It is a very expensive oil because of the thousands of petals that it takes to make a single tiny millilitre of the oil and how it is distilled.  It has many properties that can help both physical and mental health symptoms, and is a very popular oil in both aromatherapy and perfumery.

There are 2 types of  roses used, Damask and Cabbage. (yes it’s a real rose!) Look

cabbage rose

I’ve not seen them in a while, but I remember these roses being really prickly! Don’t worry though, this type of oil is many used in perfumery.

Neither of them will smell like a bunch of fresh roses. If you’ve ever pressed a rose petal in a book then smelt the petal, imagine that condensed about a million times. In aromatherapy in general, it is the damask rose that is used for the oil.

The essential oil Rose is used for a variety of ailments such as menstrual or hormonal problems, muscle pain, and can help breathing problems when used as a steam inhalation treatment. Similar to Patchouli, it is often used in skincare treatments, such as helping acne, scarring and refreshes and uplifts skin tone.

Rose is also used for many emotional issues and is known for being able to help those in grief and for those who are struggling with past emotional problems. It can help with anxiety issues and help lift spirits when having a down day.

If you wish to try essential oil Rose but find the cost limiting, certain reputable esential oil companies will sell a diluted version in a carrier oil. You would still use it as normal, but remember that it is diluted so say you would put 4 drops into a bath, you would put 6 drops in to ensure therapeutic value. Same with vaporising in an oil burner.  This does not apply if using on the skin however.  This is because when you use it in the bath or vaporize the oil, there is much more oxygen in the air for the oil to dilute. When you apply it to the skin, you are concentrating the treatment onto an surface that will soak up and magnify any chemical reaction. So don’t do it.

Fun Fact about Essential Oil Rose – Cleopatra loved this oil in her beauty regime, but don’t let that put you off!

Caution – Cheap essential oil Rose is probably more geranium than rose as both have similar properties. Be aware!



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