Essential Oil Lime – (Citrus Latifolia)

Essential Oil Lime – (Citrus Latifolia)

Essential Oil Lime - Citrus Latifolia

Essential oil lime  is extracted from either steam distillation or cold pressing from the peel of the fruit, and its colour can vary between light yellow to light dark green.

Lime oil is considered to be a good oil to use as a disinfectant for cuts and stings. It is also thought to be a stimulant and refreshing tonic.

Stress and low moods – Use 3 drops in an oil burner or carry a bottle of lime with you and inhale it when you feel the need.

Caution: Lime oil may cause irratation if splashed on skin. If this occurs rinse off with cold water. Like all citrus oils, do not use in direct sunlight.

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