Essential Oil Lavender – Lavendula Augustifolia

Essential Oil Lavender – Lavendula Augustifolia

Essential Oil Lavender - Lavendula Augustifolia

Essential Oil Lavender oil is steam distilled from the flowering tops of lavender. The oil is clear but has a very distinctive smell. It is considered to be a great oil for nervous insomnia and stress. If the smell of essential oil lavender has put you off before (Anyone remember Yardley at Christmas?) consider using a milder one such as French as the benefits gained from this oil are too great to miss out on!

Nervous insomnia and stress – Use 3 drops in a burner and burn in the bedroom for a half hour before going to sleep. Alternatively, put 1-2 drops on the the pillow or near the neck  of the nightclothes, so that the odour can be inhaled.

Essential oil lavender is also soothing to burns. The modern father of aromatherapy René-Maurice Gattefossé was a chemist working in perfumery who had recognised some of the good things about the oil, but when his  arm was severely burnt at work and his medical treatment gave him gangrene, he began using lavender as soon as he could . He was amazed that within one day the gangrene process has been halted! He continued using the oil and the recovery of the wound was so good that he began using essential oils to help the soldiers in World War 1.

Caution – Do not use more than the recommended dose of lavender as this will overstimulate rather than sedate.

Fun Fact: Lavender oil comes in many different varieties and can sometimes smell like Eucalyptus!


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