Essential Oil Guide – What’s in yours?

Essential Oil Guide – What’s in yours?


Do not be fooled by cheap essential oils. They are not the real thing, are made of synthetic chemicals, and will not benefit your health! If you see a lavender bottle for a pound, run!  Rose oil is one of the most expensive, usually around £30 per 5 ml. Why? Because of the amount of rose petals it takes to make a tiny ml of oil. Thousands of those petals are crushed for the smallest amount of oil. (It’s not the queen of oils for nothing!)

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If you cannot get the “real” oil, many reputable companies offer a diluted version mixed with carrier oil that will produce the same health benefits. ( If you have the time and rose petals, you could always make some yourself) Recipes coming soon!

There are two essential oils that should be in everyone’s first aid box/household. Lavender and tea-tree. Lavender is used for burns, insomnia, soothing insect bites to name a few. The tea-tree is an antiseptic, so burning the oil when there is sickness acts as a deterrent, and is fantastic for many common ailments such as athletes foot.

For more information about essential oils please look at The Aromatherapy Trade Council recommendations

Before using this guide please follow these safety guidelines:

  • Dilute essential oils as recommended

  • If you have a medical condition, are pregnant or taking any medication please consult your doctor or a fully qualified aromatherapist before using essential oils

  • For safety reasons, do not use boiling water when doing steam inhalation.

  • Do not leave lit candles in a burner/vaporiser unattended.

  • If essential oils cause itching, burning or irritation immediately clean off skin and thoroughly rinse skin under cold running water.

  • Never ingest essential oils. If oils are accidentally swallowed go immediately to accident and emergency, taking the bottle with you.

    • Do not allow essential oils to come into contact with eyes. If they do, rinse thoroughly with cool water.

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