NLP! also known as Neuro linguistic programming



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Just what is neuro linguistic programming. In short it is applying the unconscious process of the brain to overcome difficulties or what is known as learnt behaviour.

Neuro – the Brain, and specifically how the brain and body connects.

Linguistic – Language, and how you speak to yourself has an effect on both brain and body.

Programming – Patterns used by the unconscious process that is experienced everyday and enforce the unwanted behaviour.

NLP was developed in the 1970/80s by Dr Richard Bandler, John Grinder and others such as Virginia Satir. They saw how modelling a successful person patterns may help others achieve the same state. However, today NLP mainly helps to provide tools that challenge the creative and logical aspects of a person to create the desired behaviours themselves. NLP is widely used by individuals,therapists, businesses, sports people and in coaching.

An example of how the brain works – close your eyes and imagine being in a dark alley. You are alone, and as you walk through you can hear someone walking behind you. You turn, but cannot see anyone. As you start walking again, you hear the footsteps again.

How did you feel after that exercise? Did you feel at all nervous?  Heartbeat increase slightly?  This is because this is a learned reaction from previous stressing experiences! Now for a much nicer experience:

Close your eyes and imagine a time when you were really happy. Immerse yourself in the picture. Hear all the happy sounds you heard, feel all the happy thoughts you felt,  smell any smells that you associate with that time. Now make the picture bigger, brighter, make it bolder sharper. Again – bigger, brighter, bolder, sharper. Now how do you feel?

Hopefully a lot better!

Here are a few exercises that may help you to feel better.

Please note this is not an endorsement of any websites/products, just of the actual techniques themselves.

It can help to scale you feel on a 10 -1 before and after an exercise to see if and how much relief there is.

Remember, take what you need from these videos, and explore more if you like what you see. There are loads of different NLP techniques and you are sure to find some that help you!

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