Mental Health – is your mind healthy?

Mental Health – is your mind healthy?

What is Mental Health?

Perhaps a better question to ask is how do you know if your mind is is healthy?

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In a nutshell you know your mind is healthy when you are able to cope with life’s stresses and upsets without to much upheaval. When the mind becomes ill, this can manifest in many different disorders such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and phobias to name but a few.

Stress activates the hormone cortisol which enables the body’s flight or fight mode by taking the blood from non essential process such as digestion and re routing it to the heart so that you have the energy and focus to move quickly if need be. This process would have evolved from the days when running from a sabre toothed tiger would have meant the difference from life or death. But however scary your boss/children may be, it’s hardly the example of a sabre tooth tiger, and cortisol will have many negative effects when running in the body long term.

So what can you do to keep your mind healthy and avoid stress? The truth is that with today’s current lifestyle and economic crisis, stress is unavoidable. Thankfully, there are ways to minimise the impact stress imparts and help maintain your mental health.

1) Exercise helps by releasing the body’s natural endorphins, and helps to use the pent up energy stored in the body for flight or fight response. This encourages the part of the cycle to move into natural relaxation. This does not necessarily have to be a trip to the gym, even a 15 minute walk will help.

2) Nutrition helps by keeping the cells in the body at their peak and helping with natural repair.

3) Use various strategies that can help strengthen your mind such as mediation, cognitive behaviour therapy or NLP, as these help give your mind a rest from the worrying about the stressful things in life, and allow the body time to relax. These will also give you tools to help empower your own mental health care.

4) Burning oils can help soothe a frazzled mind, or add to a bath for an better relaxation. See the Essential Oil Guide to help you choose and enjoy!

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