Meditation and Mindfulness – Free MP3 to help get started

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness are a powerful tool in any persons health system.

Many people often associate meditation with Buddhism, may think of it as monks praying and saying incantations.

meditation and mindfulness

However meditation, also known as mindfulness has become more common in western countries as research shows this is a useful tool for clearing the mind and relaxing the body.  The Harvard medical school has dedicated a whole department to understand more about the effects of meditation and mindfulness on the brain, and have had positive results within the research, particularly with reducing the effects of stress.

Relaxation is important to health as it -

  • Promotes circulation, decreases the likelihood of heart attack and stroke, and can significantly reduce the incidence of a 2nd heart attack

  • Protects you from mental health problems

  • Improves your immune system function

  • Aids memory and learning

  • Improves your coping skills and makes you feel better!

The only tools required to meditate are a few minutes of your time and a quiet room.

The aim of mediation/mindfulness is to quieten the mind.  Begin by focusing on your breathing. This may sound simple, but you will find that as you listen to yourself, the more everyday worries seem to take over. Getting your mind to be quiet and attempting to stop the chattering is going to take some work.  It will take some time but eventually your mind will pause and you will realise some peace!

Meditation and mindfulness exercise of focusing on the breath.

Some may find that using the above MP3 may help, or using a candle to focus the mind back to quiet  or using a singular word. There are often classes as well in larger towns, and many books and videos available to help you to teach yourself.

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