Aromatherapy Pokemon?

Aromatherapy Pokemon?

Loving the fact that these two have been linked together in google.

Doing a bit of research for the website, and turns out this is a top search for google in aromatherapy! That was a bit of a surprise. Its all thanks to a move in the game whose job is to heal the Pokemons and allow them to be the hero. The move wraps the characters in a gentle scent that heals all ailments. Who’d have guessed aromatherapy would be used as a healing move?! I also love that its the smell that does the healing.

aromatherapy pokemon

The game itself has been a part of our lives as my eldest son has played the game for over a decade, originally on the nintendo gameboy – anyone else remember those? – to his current console. Its recently had a revival, and a new generation are enjoying it on their DS. ┬áDidnt think it needed it. If the nostalgia my son has for the game is anything to go by, ┬áthis game will be enjoyed for many, many years. So how come he never mentioned aromatherapy was in the game in all this time?…..

This led onto the conversation of use of aromatherapy in games. Interestingly, my son and I noted that in most role playing games, it is often the case that flowers or magic is supposed to be used to heal. In some games, you even have to collect and mix the correct ones to use the potion/spell. Guess some computer games aren’t all bad!

If aromatherapy pokemon means that more people and in particular the younger ones learn a bit about how flowers and smell can be used for health, that has to be a good thing. Now just to convince my son that lavender is not just for old ladies drawers…..

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